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Sunday - March 19th
2:00-5:00 PM Registration
Opening Session
5:00-5:20 PM

Welcome and introductions:
Clare M. Hasler, Executive Director
Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science, UC Davis


Margrit Biever Mondavi
Robert Mondavi Winery


Kenneth Verosub, Professor
Department of Geology, UC Davis

5:20-6:00 PM

Opening Speaker:
Alain Carbonneau
Institut des Hautes Etudes de la Vigne et du Vin, Montpellier, France
"Terroir: a French Word and Concept, as Old as Wine and Vine are, as New as Man, Mind and Technology are"

6:00-7:30 PM Wine Reception
7:30 PM Dinner (on own)
Monday - March 20th
7:30-8:30 AM Continental Breakfast
8:30-8:40 AM Welcome and introductions:
Neal K. Van Alfen, Dean
College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, UC Davis

Winston Ko, Dean
Mathematical & Physical Sciences, UC Davis

What is Terroir?
8:40-9:15 AM Keynote Speaker
Warren Moran

University of Auckland
"You said Terroir? Approaches, Science, and Explanations"
9:15-9:35 AM Dirk Hampson
Nickel & Nickel Single Vineyard Wines
"Terroir: 'It's not just the dirt.' A Practical Perspective"
9:35-10:00 AM Kees van Leeuwen
Bordeaux Agricultural University, Bordeaux, France
"The Concept of Terroir in Viticulture"
10:00-10:15 AM Break
Terroir Around the World
10:15-10:40 AM Patrick McGovern
University of Pennsylvania Museum
"Ancient Terroir"
10:40-11:10 AM James Halliday
Coldstream Hills Winery, Australia
"Micro, Meso and Macro Terroir in Australia"
11:10-11:30 AM Graham Weerts
Stonestreet Alexander Mountain Estate
"Differences in Terroir in South Africa, Bordeaux and Sonoma"
11:30-12:30 PM Karen MacNeil
Culinary Institute of America
Tasting - Terroir Around the World
12:30-1:45 PM Lunch
Geology, Soil and Nutrients
2:00-2:30 PM Paul Skinner
Terra Spase
"Soil, Soul of the Vine Plant"
2:30-3:00 PM Larry Meinert
Smith College
"The Science of Good Taste -Geology and Terroir"
3:00-3:30 PM Yerko Moreno
Grape & Wine Technology Center, Universidad de Talca-Chile
"Terroir Studies in Chile with Special Reference to cv. Carmenere"
3:30-3:45 PM Break
3:45-4:15 PM Lowell Zelinski
Precision Ag consulting
"The Terroir of the Paso Robles AVA, with special emphasis on soils and geology"
4:15-4:45 PM Jean-Jacques Lambert
Department of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis
"Small Terroirs with Distinct Geology and Soils in the Sacramento Valley and the Sierra foothills"
4:45-6:30 PM Poster Session and Wine Tasting
6:30 PM Dinner (on own)
Dinner at Chancellor's home (for speakers and sponsors)
Tuesday - March 21st
8:00 - 9:00 AM Continental Breakfast
Climate and Water
9:00-9:40 AM Richard Smart
Smart Viticulture
"Terroir Manipulation and Winemaking in the Vineyard"
9:40-10:15 AM John Gladstones
University of Western Australia
"Terroir: Search for an Elusive Perfection"
10:15-10:30 AM Break
Impact of Global Climate Change
10:30-11:10 AM

Greg Jones
Southern Oregon University
"Will Climate Change bring about Changes in Terroir?"

11:10-11:30 AM

Hans R. Schultz
Forschungsanstalt Geisenheim, Germany
"Terroir and Grape Composition -Possible Modifications Induced by a Changing Climate"

11:30-12:00 PM Richard Snyder
Department of Land, Air and Water Resources, UC Davis
"Changing Micro-Climate Impacts on Terroir"
12:00-1:30 PM Lunch
Techniques for Studying Terroir
1:30-2:00 PM Jonathan Swinchatt
EarthVision, Inc.
"Rocks and Vines: A Geologic Perspective on Terroir "
2:00-2:30 PM Paul Draper
Ridge Vineyards
"38 Years—100 Single Vineyard Wines"
2:30-3:00 PM Genevieve Janssens and Chris Howell
Napa Valley Vintners Association
"Terroir": How Knowledge and Experience Influence the Decisions to Replant
3:00-3:15 PM Break
Biodynamic Methods
3:15-4:00 PM

Alan York, Viticulturist consultant
John Reganold, Washington State University
“Biodynamic Viticulture: Myth and Reality”

4:00-4:30 PM Phillippe Pessereau
Joseph Phelps Winery
“Biodynamie at Phelps: A New Viticultural Approach”
4:30-5:00 PM

Randall Grahm
Bonny Doon Winery
“The Phenomenology of Terroir” (with wine tasting)

5:00-7:00 PM Reception
7:00-10:00 PM Banquet
Wednesday - March 22nd
8:00 - 9:00 AM Continental Breakfast
Vine and Grape Physiology
9:00-9:30 AM Mark Matthews
Department of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis
“A Brief History of Plant Biology in Relation to Terroir”
9:30-9:50 AM Doug Adams
Department of Viticulture and Enology, UC Davis
“The Phenolic Composition of Pinot Noir Fruit and Wine from California and Oregon”
9:50-10:10 AM Alan Campbell
Oregon Vineyard Database
“OVID - The Oregon Vineyard Database”
10:10-10:30 AM Break
10:30-11:00 AM Andy Reynolds
Brock University
“Determining the Basis for Vineyard Terroir Using Spatial Variation in Vine Vigor, Water Stress, and Soil Texture”
Sensory Characteristics of Wine
11:00-11:30 AM John Buechsenstein (additional text)
University Extension, UC Davis
"Terroir Flavor Effects in Wine"
11:30-12:00 PM Jean-Xavier Guinard
Food Science and Technology, UC Davis
"Sensory Validation of the Concept of Terroir"
12:00-1:30 PM Lunch
Marketing the Romance of Terroir
1:30-2:00 PM Maurizio Gily
Vignaioli Piemontesi Magazine
"Scientific and Traditional Knowledge in the Italian Concept of a Suitable Site for a Premium Wine"
2:00-2:45 PM Alan Busacca, Washington State University and Ilze Jones, Jones and Jones Architects and Landscape Architects
“'Marketing Terroir: The Taste of Place'”
2:45-3:15 PM Burke Owens
Associate Director of Wine
COPIA: The American Center for Wine, Food & the Arts
"Terroir of Desire - Wine Provenance, Character and Value "
3:15-3:30 PM Break
3:30-4:45 PM Rebecca Chapa
Culinary Institute of America
Panel Moderator
4:45-5:00 PM

Clare M. Hasler
Concluding Remarks

5:00-6:30 PM Closing Reception with Wine
6:30 PM Dinner (on own)
Thursday- March 23rd
8:00 - 5:00 PM Field Trips
Terroir and Cuisine
5:30-7:00 PM Reception and Tour
Culinary Institute of America
7:00-9:30 PM Dinner at Beringer Winery

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