“Terroir” refers to the influence of the natural environment on the growing of grapes and the production of wine. This conference will explore how aspects of terroir can be studied scientifically in ways that are of use to the wine industry. The conference is conceived as a dialogue between individuals who do research on aspects of terroir, and grape growers and winemakers who can make use of the insights gained from that research.

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
Robert Mondavi Institute
The Culinary Institute of America
Department of Geology UC Davis
Viticulture & Enology UC Davis

Planned Sessions

  • What is Terroir?
  • Terroir Around the World
  • Geology, Soils, Nutrients and Terroir
  • Climate, Water, and Terroir
  • Expressions of Terroir in Vine and Grape Physiology
  • Marketing the Romance of Terroir
  • Terroir and the Sensory Characteristics of Wine
  • Impact of Global Climate Change
  • New Techniques for Studying Terroir
  • Terroir and Cuisine
  • Enhancing Terroir through Biodynamic Methods

Also: Pre- and post-conference field trips to terroirs of Northern California
Program Schedule

  • Larry Meinert, who spoke at the Terroir conference on "The Science of Good Taste -Geology and Terroir" has co-edited (with R.W. Macqueen) Fine Wine and Terroir - The Geoscience Perspective. It is available for purchase at the following link: http://gacdev.ucs.mun.ca/members/publications/view_pub.php?id=144
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